Nikos Papaioannou, Construction Naxos.

Nikos Papaioannou guarantee the best service
construction on the island of Naxos in the Cyclades.


Plasterboard construction
Plasterboard is a modern building material with unlimited properties with which we can make masonry, ceiling, shelves, benches, fireplaces decoration and we accomplish whatever you can imagine for interior design.

Cement construction
The cement is another modern building material which is used for exterior is rapid, durable and is ideal for the climatic conditions of the island.

Energy upgrading of buildings
Due to our vast experience in constructions, we can offer you solutions and ideas so as to ensure the energy upgrading of your building either your building is new either it is older for external insulation and installation of energy fireplaces with economic and effective solutions.

We have a huge variety of wooden flooring, semi solid, polished, laminate, linoleum, deck for outdoors and padding for stairs. As well as and a huge clientele in Naxos and Small Cyclades.